Improve your Christmas train set with these 5 charming extras

If you have or are planning to have a Hornby OO scale model train running around tree or dinner table this Christmas, bring it to life with these delightful little extras.

Let it snow

snow close upLet’s face it, we all want a white Christmas but few of us are lucky enough to get one so why not make up for it with some around your Christmas tree train set?

You can make you own snow or, if you’re pushed for time, have it shipped direct from the North Pole. Okay, I lied about about it coming from the North Pole but you can buy the stuff ready to sprinkle.

I’ve used this several times and it’s really effective and likes just like real fluffy white snow.

One passing thought, like real snow, both the self-made stuff and ready to sprinkle equivalent is messy so put down some paper first.

Twinkling Trees

scale model snow covered tree and snowman

While a train under the tree looks goods, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the size of the Christmas tree is slightly out of proportion to the lovely Hornby train running around it so why not make it feel a home with some miniature scale snow covered pine trees of its own.

You can find snow covered Conifers in most craft shops in the run up to Christmas that can work well although for the right sizing, I’d recommend these.

Alternatively, there’s the one shown here which comes complete with its own twinkling fairy lights and accompanying snow man which is a fantastic centre piece display and sets off the train perfectly.


Wagons: pull a present

The Hornby Christmas train set is a delightful fun little set but if you want to make the train slightly longer, the Christmas 2021 present wagon is just the ticket.

Packed with tiny little presents all delightfully wrapped it’s a joy to have behind the Santa Express.

Wagons: the spirit of Christmas past

If you like the 2021 present wagon, have a look in charity shops and second shops for Hornby’s wagons from previous years. It’s a bit of tradition in some households to get the latest each year, so they can be hard to find but they are around. My favourite is the 2016 version  That red and gold is just perfect! A selection of Hornby wagons from Christmas past are available here.

Christmas is coming

Hornby R6934 LWB Box Van, Coca-Cola Rolling Stock - Wagon

Finally, if like me, Christmas starts when the Coca Cola advert starts, you’ll want at least one of the Coca Cola themed box vans. A line of these rolling between the drinks glasses on the dinning table on Christmas Day really makes the meal or a delightful Christmas Eve scene under the tree.


Note: The ideas and suggestions here are intended for Hornby OO gauge model trains. If you have a different train and track, check that it is OO gauge. The trees and snow will look okay for most small train scenes but the wagons will only work with OO gauge track and trains.


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