Baseboard tips: make wiring easier with a splash of paint

I wish I’d done this before my most recent journey to the dark side of my layout!

It’s one of those tips that I ask myself not just why I didn’t think of it ages ago but why I’ve strained my eyes all these years.

I recently noticed a crack in one of the joists of my baseboard. Unfortunately fixing this meant I had to reroute several track feeder and point motors wires: without doubt my least favourite activity around model railways.

Working upside down and trying to follow the wiring in the cramped space under my layout is tough enough, having to squint to see the thin red and black wires in the dark shadows leaves me with eye strain and a head ache.

Thankfully, on this occasion it resulted into a eureka moment.

Giving my eyes and aching back a break I happened to look up.

My layouts are in our converted loft and in a flash of brilliance (if I say so myself) it dawned on me that the corners of the loft should also be as equally dark but were much easier to see into. The difference was that the walls and beams of the loft are painted white.

My mental light bulb lit up.

That’s it! Forget squinting as you solder and screw wires!

A coat of white paint applied to the underside of the baseboard reflects light and creates a high contrast background against which the fine electrical wires stand out. No more eye strain.

So next time I have a half an hour spare I’ll be attacking the underside of my baseboards with a brush and tin of high gloss white paint.

Your eyes will thank you so give it a go too BEFORE you need to dive under the baseboard.

Update: Since originally writing this I’ve found an interesting discussion on the idea.

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