Don’t Blink Or You’ll Miss It – The World’s Fastest Model Train

I’m not sure why you’d want to do this but if model trains and speed is your thing or you’re wondering what the world’s fastest model train you won’t want to miss this.

You Tube poster Steve Burdett has managed to get his HO scale Lima Intercity Loco ripping up his track at over 400mph!

To achieve this Steve hooked up 8 transformers  – ranging from 6V – 12V – connected in series to a 9.04m circuit.

The results can be seen in the You Tube clip below.

Apparently his loco still ran normally after too.

If you’ve managed to beat this, let us know below or send me a tweet at @modelrailwayeng

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  1. I did the calculations, because I was curious of exactly how fast it was going, and I found that it was going approximately 415.9114047576… scale miles per hour, so about 416 scale miles an hour. Amazing!

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