What are modular model railway baseboards

Looking for the easiest, quickest, way to start building model railways and operating your trains? Pre-made modular model railway baseboards are the ideal solution.

Unlike traditional open top or large flat baseboards, pre-made modular baseboards are a great option if you desire a small layout, a quick start way to get into model railways or a portable layout.

What are they?

Compact small boards, typically made from MDF or plywood, are precision laser cut and supplied in various modules of different shapes and sizes that can be then clipped together to create the layout format you want.

First used for exhibition layouts, the modules come in sizes that can easily stored and moved; typically small enough to fit into a car.

The boards have appropriate support underneath for stability and space for wiring and can be placed on a workbench, table top or even decorating table when you want to work on layout or operate your trains.

How much do they cost?

The cost for the whole layout and fiddle yard will depend on how big you want it to be and how many modules are needed. Individual modules start from around £10 increasing to £30, £40 and £50 depending on specification, features and size.

Where to get modular baseboards

A number of businesses in the UK make and sell premium modular baseboards, including Scale Model Scenery, Grainge & Hodder, White RoseModel Works. Personally, I now use the modular boards from Scale Model Scenery and recommend their range.

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