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Wandle Valley is a OO/EM layout based on a real line between Wimbledon and Tooting in South London where I grew up. It will feature Merton Abbey Station, part of Wimbledon Station, the Tri-Ang factory and a water powered textile mill at the site of Abbey Mills on the river Wandle.

Merton Abbey Mills River Wandle

It’s an on-off project as and when I find time around my main 009 Cornwall based layout.

A new loco

Hornby Merton
I wasn't going to miss this. The limited edition Hornby Merton. [...]

Triang Merton Factory

One of my layouts, the Wandle Valley, will feature the old Tri-ang factory in Merton. Sadly, the building is no longer there which makes modelling it difficult [...]

The Name Game

Looking for a realistic British name for your model railway. Here's 200 to get you started. [...]

Third Rail Tips

Building a modern era electric track layout? Wondering about that third rail? Here are a few tips to get you started. [...]

Progress update: Wandle Valley Railway

It's all go for my new layout, the shed is sorted; baseboards are down and the layout design complete. The track plan however... That's another story. [...]

What is EM Gauge track and why I’m using it on my new layout

If you read my last post and were intrigued by the reference to EM gauge or have been thinking about moving from OO to EM gauge this is for you. [...]


An apology, time for something new and a bit of the old. [...]