A quick tip from the school of the blindingly obvious

scatter model railway wargames tipIf you lay your scatter, as I do, by sprinkling the stuff from your fingers you’ll love – or perhaps hate – this tip.

Someone shoot me.

While researching the previous post on how to make your own scatter I had an epiphany from the school of the blindingly obvious: use a sieve to apply scatter.

As I said, stupidly obvious.

  • Paint the area you want to cover in watered down PVA.
  • Go and nick a tea strainer from the kitchen.
  • Fill it with scatter.
  • Sieve the scatter over the area you want to cover.

Doing so covers an area quicker and with a much evener application so it looks better.

It’s also more a more efficient technique as less scatter is needed to cover an area.

Why oh why have I never thought of this before?  I don’t want to even think about how much I could have saved over the years if I’d done this!

Agghhh! Someone shoot me.

Sorry, if you do the same as I did and I’ve just ruined your day 🙂

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