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Brio Trains

Guides, ideas and inspiration for making Brio and wooden train sets.

How to Choose the Best Wooden Train Set for Your Toddler

Wooden trains are classic toys that have been loved been enjoyed by children for generations. They are not only fun and engaging, but they can also be [...]

The Best Toy Trains – everything you need to know about Brio and wooden railways

Looking for the best toy train set for your toddler? Want to get them the most enjoyable and educational trains? Or maybe you want to expand a Brio-style [...]

The Best Wooden Trains From Brio, Thomas and Bigjigs in 2024

Need a helping hand in finding a wooden train your son or daughter will love to play with? Here are the brightest, most colorful, fun-filled trains from Brio, [...]

Wooden Train Sets – Where Do I Start?

If you're looking to buy a toddler their wooden first train set the choices can be mind boggling. Don't be daunted. This MRE guide to wooden trains will tell [...]

This is what a 490 foot Brio train set looks like

David Harper's wooden railway is a epic work of love created over many, many, years and has now got so big it's outgrown his house!  [...]