My first plastic figuresI got started with model making in late 1970s, when as a child at the time, I went to Aldershot army show with my dad and instantly became hooked on military hardware.

Obviously, I couldn’t have my own tank or fighter jet 🙁 so I started building models in Airfix kits.

From there I got into diorama’s of military scenes, tanks making their way though burnt-out buildings being a particular favourite. The photo above is three of my original military figures that I recently rediscovered. Fond memories in miniature!

Somewhere along the line I discovered the Battle of Waterloo — I still have no idea how I became aware of it — and started building models of the La Haye Sainte farm house at the centre of the battle and wargaming the battles around it. (I can recommend Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles if you want to learn more about this world-changing battle).

I was hooked and spent hours re-enacting battles, in particular those involving the gallant defence by the hopelessly outnumbered English and German troops.

I also enjoyed painting the Prussian troops with their Green uniforms and making models for my other childhood hobby model railways. I would spend ages in the local arts shop (Fielder’s in Wimbledon, London) browsing the artistic paints and brushes.

Making scenery was, and still is, also a favourite part of the hobby and I would create the fields and hills  of the Belgium countryside around La Haye Sainte.

The enjoyment I got from making the models and scenery continued over the years. I continued model building with scale models, mainly tanks, field guns and army jeeps, but also the occasional Sci-Fi models and played the odd Warhammer fantasy game.

Today, my two boys have just started with Warhammer and I enjoy painting 40k figures and learning new painting and modelling techniques.

I now cover model making tips, miniature painting and model railways on this website — ModelRailwayEngineer. I started it in 2015, since when it’s gone on to win multi-awards. If you’d like to receive my tips, guides and updates browse around the site (it’s all free) or subscribe to my email newsletter, also free.

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