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Model railway baseboards: the complete guide

Everything you need to know about model railway baseboards. The complete guide including modular, open frame and flat top boards for model trains, construction [...]

How to master perfect soldering for trouble-free track and wiring – the definitive guide

model railway soldering
Want to improve your model railway track work, wiring, and electrics? Soldering is the only way. But what's the best solder to use? What's the best soldering [...]

Model Railway Backscene Masterclass + 6 Tips

If there's one thing that will bring your model railway to life perhaps more than any other it's a background picture. Here's the definitive guide to choosing, [...]

How to make model railway hills – 5 steps from model making gurus

How to build model hills for your railway, the definitive guide. [...]

How to make super realistic rivers for your model railway in 5 steps

photo of a model river.
Water is a key feature of our environment so it should naturally be a key feature on your model railway or diorama but creating a credible water look is [...]