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5 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Hornby Model Train Set

Smokey Joe train set
Thinking of getting your first train set? With so many packs available, it can be tough to know which train set is right for you. [...]

Missing tribute to Frank Hornby reinstated

Frank Hornby plaque unveiled at Liverpool Limestreet Station
After an extended absence, a historical plaque commemorating the birthplace of the mastermind behind the beloved Hornby railways has been located and [...]

What brands and model railway businesses does Hornby own

Updated August 2023: Hornby Plc is a British toy company that owns a number of iconic toy brands. [...]

Model railways: How much is the Hornby company worth in 2023?

Updated Oct. 2023: How much is Horby worth? [...]

A closer look at Hornby’s 2020 100th Anniversary releases

Hornby Brand logos
Graham Muspratt takes a closer look at Hornby's 2020 unveiling from a Southern Railway perspective. [...]

Best price on the Hornby R3359 Rothery Industrial 101 Class Locomotive

Hornby R3359 Rothery Locomotive
Looking for a general purpose, low cost, train for your train set or to expand your train fleet with? The Hornby Rothery Industrial 101 Class Locomotive is [...]

The definitive beginners guide to setting up Hornby model railway

OO track cleaning
So you got a Hornby train set for Christmas or perhaps taken the plunge and bought your first model railway, probably a Hornby starter set. You've [...]

How Much Space Is Needed for A Hornby Train Set

A question asked by many beginners is how much space will they need for a railway set. It's a good question but it's a bit more involved than you might [...]

How To Get A Hornby Train Set Without Breaking The Bank

train in hand
Let's be honest, model trains and railways aren't a cheap hobby. It can cost a LOT but it can be done on a budget. [...]

Beginner’s Q&A: How much does it cost to start a model railway?

If you want to buy a model railway for yourself, your son or daughter or perhaps a friend you may be trying to work out how much it costs. If so, this is just [...]

Hornby model railway stars in Sherlock TV special

Could it be true? Two of my favourite things collide on New Years Day? Yes, a Hornby model railway starred in a scene of opening episode of the new 3rd series [...]

The Story Of Frank Hornby

Photo of Frank Hornby
From humble beginnings to the creation of iconic toys that captured the hearts and imaginations of generations, Frank Hornby's story. [...]