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Card kits

Hints, tips and inspiration for making paper and card kit models, including Metcalfe, Superquick, Kingsway and Wordsworth.

From Flat to Fantastic: Tips for better card kit models

model card kit construction
Master the art of card kit construction with these quick, easy, proven tips. [...]

Building a Metcalfe Church? Here’s how to add stained glass windows

Tree of Jesse from York Minster
Models of churches for layouts look great but typically miss one vital element. [...]

What’s the best glue for paper card models from Metcalfe etc

William Doran's Metcalfe kit.
Few model railway questions have such an absolute answer as this. [...]

FREE model railway card building kits, where to get them

card kit building free
Looking for free buildings for your model railway? Paper and card-building kits are simple to make, realistic and best of all there are lots of them available [...]