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Making an animated bonfire or campfire

Model bonfire for oo gauge model railway
How to make a miniature bonfire for OO gauge model railways, with buit-in lighting, it glows and flickers just like a real fire! [...]

Making an animated outhouse

model railway animation, figure in an outhouse as door opens.
Time for a break. [...]

Modelling a smithy, exhibition layout

Photo of OO gauge blacksmiths
With the goods shed almost complete, I've moved onto to the smithy. [...]

Layout wiring

Model railway layout wiring
For a change I decided not to break anything on my exhibition layout. [...]

A moving waterwheel

My exhibition layout will feature a mill with turning waterwheel. This article explains the simple electrics behind this. [...]

What magic is this? How do I get working bicycles on my model railway?

cyclist magnorail
You've probably seen moving cars, buses and lorries on model railways but how about bicycles complete with cyclists, their legs furiously moving up and down? [...]

How To Use Animated Action To Make Your Railway Come Alive

Looking for a way to bring your railway to life and add interest? Animated scenes are the answer. [...]