The 2023 Model Railway Survey
Every year, ModelRailwayEngineer carries out a one of the largest survey's of model railway enthusiasts. This helps me improve the articles and guides I write making them more relevant and useful to you and other model railway enthusiasts and help selected model railway manufacturers produce products you want.

Your participation in this survey is completely anonymous. It will only take a few minutes to complete, and your responses will be used to improve the content I create and the products that manufacturers make.

What age group do you fall into?*

How much do you expect or plan to spend on model railways in the next 6 months*

What gauge (track width) are your model railways. (Tick all that apply)*

Where are your model railways kept?*

Is your model railway... (Tick all that apply)*

What type of trains do you prefer?*

How long have you been building / working on your current model railway?

How large is your model railway?

In the case of having multiple layouts, select the one you use the most.*

What aspect of building model railways do you struggle with?

Which do you enjoy more?

Aside from model railways, which of these other hobbies do you enjoy.

When buying new rolling stock, is your purchase because

In a typical month, how often do you use / work on your model railway

What attracted you to model railways?

Is your model railway based on a real location?

When needing help, inspiration and information on building model railways, what sources do you use?