Tri-ang colour logoWhile I’m a fan of just about anything model railway related, I have a soft-spot of Tri-Ang rolling stock.

I grew up with Rovex Tri-ang OO gauge trains and they were amongst my first trains. I still have quite a few of my original wagons and engines and now collect Triang trains and the Tri-ang factory in Merton will be a key feature of my Wandle Valley layout.

Sadly, Tri-ang no longer exists but in their time they pretty much made what model trains are today, certainly in the UK (I’ve collated a potted history of Tri-ang if you’d like to know more).

Tri-Ang TR 3576 Gondola

One of my original Tri-ang wagons.

If you’re looking for more information on these vintage trains, take a look at one of the pages on my Tri-ang Links and Resources page.

Lastly, if you have any Tri-ang rolling stock you’d like to go a good home get in touch. I’m also particularly interested in old Tri-ang posters and promotional material, if you have any original adverts, packaging or leaflets please get in touch.