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Tutorials, tips and guides for working with model-making materials – including polymer clay, styrene sheet and plasticard, card, static grass, scatter and XPS and EPS foam.

What’s the best glue for paper card models from Metcalfe etc

William Doran's Metcalfe kit.
Few model railway questions have such an absolute answer as this. [...]

FREE model railway card building kits, where to get them

card kit building free
Looking for free buildings for your model railway? Paper and card-building kits are simple to make, realistic and best of all there are lots of them available [...]

Revitalising static grass

Bring your static grass bake to life with this cool little tool. [...]

How to work with Styrofoam and polystyrene

Styrofoam and Polystyrene are amongst my favourite landscape construction materials. [...]

What’s The Best Glue For Polystyrene / Stryofoam

Just a quick post on the what is the best glue for Polystyrene and Styrofoam expanded foam sheets, both hugely popular for making landscapes, hills and [...]