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model railway engineer content mapWhether you’re building your first model railway, returning to the hobby after a mid-life break, an experienced modeller looking for tips and inspiration or building a layout for your kids/grandkids there’s something here to help, including:

  • Hundreds of tips, guides and ideas from beginner to expert,
  • The latest techniques and technologies explored,
  • My journey and experiences as a lifelong modeller,
  • Money saving ideas,
  • Reviews and field tests of tools, accessories and products;


Below are some of my favourite and most popular articles from the last five years of this blog.  You can learn more about me here.

Beginners and Basics Guides

Layout Construction Guides

For those returning to the hobby after a break

Fixing, Repairing and Maintaining Model Trains & Track

Money Saving Tips

Useful Tools & Accessories

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