Website update notice

Just a quick update on a couple of changes to the website.

Firstly, the main navigation menu has changed slightly to better reflect how people use the site.

In research, I found that the most common sections of the site were the beginners and intermediate tips sections. The latter of these being for people who are either returning to the hobby after a break or attempting their first proper model railway – as opposed to building a simple layout on the floor or table. Tips for the later being hard to find.

The top menu has been moved around to reflect this, with a landing page for intermediate tips now added.

Also, there have been various accessibility tweaks made. The goal here is to help visitors move around the site more easily. Most of these are things like increasing the contrast between text and background colours and slightly increasing the font size. Hopefully, this will make it easier for those who need it while not being obvious to those who don’t, if that makes sense.

Finally, again to help visitors find information I’ve improved the search function.

There’s now a large number of posts, tips, articles and guides across the website and the search function was getting a bit clunky and not finding the most appropriate content. Hopefully, the new search will help you and visitors find the best articles.

If you have any questions, please – as always – drop them in as a comment below or contact me.



The ModelRailwayEngineer

PS: I’ve recently started Instagram and Facebook pages.On Instagram I’ll be sharing photos of model railways and chatting and sharing funny/entertaining model railway posts on Facebook. If you use either, it would be great to connect with you there so please follow me on Instagram and like the Facebook page.  Thanks!

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