The pub manager who uses a model train to pull pints in lockdown pub

pub model train lockdown

This is my kind of pub! 

The manager of the Chestnut Pub in Radcliffe-on-Trent is putting his model train to good use for a bit of fun during the lockdown.

Michael Purchase ran track around the bar of the pub and then set up a Bachmann loco to deliver his brew.

Getting the OO gauge train to hold a pint took some doing. Michael told the BBC, “It took a bit of trial and error, I spilt many pints of water”

In the end he mounted a porcelain tile on the chassis of a Hornby Coalfish wagon and then placed a bear mat on top to hold the pints. The wagon, glass and drink are then hauled by a Class 66.

Model trains pulling drinks is nothing new. Michael was inspired by a bar in Prague which had a model railway delivering drinks to customers, just like this one:

And historian Tim Dunn set up a train set to pull his Christmas drinks.

But this is the first use of tiny trains in pubs as something to do during lockdown that I’ve heard of. I’ll be visiting Prague and Radcliffe-on-Trent and once the Covid-19 lock down is over! 

The video of the “pint pulling” model train is on the Chestnut’s Facebook page.

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