The lowest priced Hornby train

Looking for the lowest price Hornby train for a present or gift. MRE has tracked it down.

If you have a Hornby train mad friend and want to get them a little present or perhaps want to buy yourself a little gift without breaking the bank you’ve pulled in at the right station.

As a model train nut myself, you might have guessed coming from the creator of a site devoted to the model railways, this is something close to my heart. I’m always on the lookout for the best deals and I’m chuffed to find good bargains.

The lowest priced Hornby train is…

Hornby R3359 Rothery Locomotive

Shopping around, the the lowest price locomotive for Hornby OO gauge railways is the charming Rothery Industries steam loco at just £35.

It’s available direct from Hornby so it’s brand new and guaranteed, not a second hand unit that isn’t long for the great sidings in the sky.

I wrote more about in this review of the R3359, (Hornby’s product number) but rest assured it’s a fun, enjoyable little loco that you or a model train mad friend will enjoy having as part of their collection and will work on any Hornby OO railway.

The alternative is to buy a train set which Hornby and others sell.

These are more expensive but include not just the train but wagons, track and the electrics needed and so work out at better value. The downside of these as a gift is that if you’re buying for a friend etc who already has a model railway much of the contents may be wasted but the packs covered in my article on the best train sets are fantastic bargains and worth a look just in case.

> Click here to get the Rothery Industries steam loco

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