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Bachmann announces two new OO9 locomotives – Hunslet Linda and Blanche

Bachmann OO9 Hunslet Locomotives ‘Linda’
Bachmann Europe has unveiled two fresh OO9 Scale models of the Mainline Hunslet Engines named ‘Linda’ and ‘Blanche’. [...]

Bachmann announces eight all-new OO scale Newton Chambers Car Carriers

Bachmann Newton Chambers Car Carrier BR Maroon E96293E
[17th June 2023] Bachmann Europe has announced the release of a range of eight all-new OO scale models of the Newton Chambers Car Carriers in its EFE Rail [...]

Bachmann Europe Summer 2023 range news unveiled

Bachmann Europe has announced its upcoming Summer range of model trains, with new N and OO gauge models unveiled. [...]

Bachmann unveils Holy War new 009 Quarry Hunslet

Holy War 009 locomotive from Bachmann
Bachmann has unveiled another model in its OO9 scale Quarry Hunslets range. [...]