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Track Laying Tools

Xuron Track Cutters
Xuron Track Cutters

For HO, OO, N and Z Gauge Rails.

£17.46 incl. FREE UK delivery.

Ballast Spreader – OO/HO Gauge

For HO, OO Gauge Track.

£15.50 incl. FREE UK delivery.

Ballast Spread – N Gauge

For N Gauge Rails.

£12.50 incl. FREE UK delivery.



Track & Train Maintenance Tools

Peco Track Rubber

For HO, OO, N and Z gauge.

£5.12 including FREE UK delivery.

Locomotive Lubricant

Precision lubricant for locomotive gears.

£4.75 including FREE UK delivery.

OO Gauge Wheel Cleaning Brush

For HO and OO gauge wheels.

Only £21.88, almost 30% off RRP.

DC Track Tester

For HO, OO, N and Z gauge.

£6.50 includes FREE UK delivery.

OO, HO & N Gauge Rolling Road

Troubleshoot and test locomotives.

£62.90 includes FREE UK delivery.

OO Gauge Wheel Width Checker

For checking rolling stock that derails.

£10.45 with FREE delivery in the UK.



Modelling Aids

Illuminated Hands Free Head Magnifier

10 Levels of magnification + LED light.

Now just £20.99

Xacto Knife

The sharpest and most durable blade.

Now only £6.92

Foam CutterIdeal for scenic construction.

Only £18.99, almost 48% off RRP.

Hot Glue Gun60Watt gun + 30 glue sticks.

Save £54!

Need File SetFor cleaning up plastic models & track ends.

Under £12

Tweezer Set

10 Piece stainless steel tweezer set

One day delivery available.

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