Scratch building steam trains

SCRATCH BUILT STEAM TRAIN TESTEDI’m a big fan of so when they cover scratch building model steam trains I can’t help but watch.

I’ve mentioned my plans to build my own locomotive from a sterling engine before.

In fact, it’s almost been a year since I first wrote about it. While I haven’t made any significant progress in actually building the locomotive I have been carrying out a lot of experiments and tests to prove theories and maths and I’m itching to make some real progress.

So when the folks at model engineering nerd paradise met up with Andy Sorenson to see his scatch built locomotives it got my attention.

If you don’t already know about but share my passion for model engineering and sci-fi you need to take a look now! I can spend hours just watching their videos and admiring the work of Adam Savage and the crew.

Anyway, on with the video.

Just look at those glorious locomotives!!

The craftsmanship is a joy to see and I got some great ideas for my own project from the video. I’ve been struggling with the frame construction and welding something this small together and the idea of cutting it from a single piece of metal is a different approach I hadn’t considered.

Update: Since originally starting writing this, have revealed that this video is one of their viewers most favourite of 2018. Model railway engineering, popular? Who would have guessed 🙂


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