Protecting your rails while painting track

Most model railway track come with black sleepers. These look nothing like the real thing and many modellers paint them a more authentic colour.

Browns for wood and grey for concrete are popular choices applied with either a rattle can, airbrush or paint brush is the usual approach.

But how can you protect your rails while coating the sleepers and chairs?

At best you’ll discolour metal so it’ll need several coats, even if you were intending to paint the xxx. At worse, you’ll may end up needing to run over the entire length of your track with a track cleaner

You could of course work your way around and cover the rails with masking tape (I use builders tape as it’s the same but much cheaper) If your layout is OO gauge but that can take ages.

Thankfully, there’s a much easier and quicker option.

The last straw

Drinking straws.  Plain, simple, plastic drinking straws are your new best friend.

Simply cut the in half length ways and slide them along the rails. 

They work at treat and will protect the metal during painting. And once finished can just be lifted off.

Cheap, easy and quick.

If using a spray can or air brush to apply the paint, you might find the straws blow off but it’s simple enough just to tape the ends down to secure them.

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