Peter Pan Layout

Peter Pan model railway

Embark on a magical model railway journey around Neverland with this plan designed for the forever young at heart.

This captivating layout idea, crafted by the incredibly talented Dave Meek of Thunder Mesa Studio, is an absolute masterpiece. Inspired by J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, the plan is in HN030 (009 in the UK) and spans 2×6′, but could easily be adapted to various other scales and gauges.

What captivates me about this plan is the extraordinary diversity of modelling possibilities and the fun it offers. It seamlessly combines numerous types of scene elements into a continuous operational layout that will satisfy everyone.

For those seeking a realistic depiction, it can be meticulously recreated as if it were a real location with intricate, lifelike details. The assortment of buildings and meticulously crafted jungle scenes, waterfall, and trestle track present endless opportunities for modelling.

Alternatively, one could opt for a whimsical approach, channelling the spirit of Disney theme parks by incorporating delightful animations and imaginative vistas, with water falling out of Skull Rock and a pirate ship (the Revel 05433 Pirate Ship model in 1:72nd scale would be ideal).

I am captivated by this extraordinary plan and would be thrilled to hear from anyone bringing it to life.

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