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Although Model Railway Engineer is about model railways (just in case you didn’t guess) I also loved Airfix and plastic modelling kits and there is of course a bit of a cross over between the two. It’s no surprise therefore that I get the occasional query about them. Rather than take this blog off on a plastic tangent I’ve created the following list of the best Airfix related websites and plastic modelling online forums for anyone interested.


Model DadsNot strictly an Airfix blog but Airfix gets it’s share of the action on this wonderful miniature wargaming, painting, modelling blog.

A busy forum dedicated to all things Airfix with 1000+ members. If you’re into plastic model building this forum is a must visit.

Another big busy forum. The IPMS  has two thousand members in the UK alone, many on their forum, making it a invaluable resource for not just Airfix but plastic modelling in general.

Although smaller than the other two forums, in members at least, I like this forum the most and find it the most useful and I’m in awe of the quality of the model some of its members produce, I can only stop and stare at the pictures in the gallery section.  Worth stopping by.

A huge forum for all Airfix fans, set up in 2006 it’s now got over 6000 members who have posted over 50,000 forum messages. Although I prefer International Scale Modeller I can’t help but admire the knowledge and wisdom available on Air Fix Tribute Forum and appreciate the effort that must go into maintaining it. Definitely one to bookmark.

If you run a website devoted to Airfix or plastic modelling, I’d love to hear from you and perhaps add your site here. Add your details below or drop me a line via the Contact page.


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