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old-wagons-blue-skyWhen I first started out weathering rolling stock the results weren’t good. Sure I could daub the trains and wagons with a paint but the results didn’t look authentic so I went in search of inspiration for my weathering techniques.

Actually, to say the results weren’t good is an understatement. A techni-colour disaster on wheels would be more accurate if truth be known. My chief challenge was knowing how to paint my rolling stock to make it look real. The problem was which colours and textures to apply and more importantly where. Just slapping on orange or rust colour onto a wagon didn’t hack it.

In search of ideas I initially trotted down to my local station and took pictures of rolling stock as it trundled past. But the trains going through Guildford all tended to be in good condition and weren’t the cargo wagons that I wanted to see. Disheartened, I took a few pictures and headed home.

I was while looking at the pictures on my computer I had a brainwave.

Step up Google, or more importantly the search giant’s image search.

Old railway wagon in redEntering keywords such as ‘wagons’ and ‘abandoned railway trains’ and seconds later I had  a huge library of sorry looking wagons, perfect reference material to work from.

Looking at these pictures gave me the much needed guidance and direction. In a click of a button I can see where rust typically formed; where dirt and mud congregated and where liquid trails form.

Take a look at the picture to the left for example, notice how water floor off the roof runs down but tapers out; how the discolouration around the wheels and undercarriage isn’t uniform and the dirt  builds up around the joins.

Just perfect source reference material.

So if you’re looking for inspiration for weathering by all means go out in the cold weather but try Google image search first!


Credits: Red Cargo wagon, Shankar S; wagon and oil truck , Trucker D

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