Model Railway Tools You’ll Need To Get Started

dioramaIf you’re just starting out in model railway building, you’ll need some tools to get started. Below are suggestions for your first tools from a 30 year modelling veteran.

A quick look around your local model store or online will reveal hundreds of tools for model making but you don’t need all of them to get started.

Here are some suggestions from howtomakeadiorama, veterans of model making.

  • Wood glue (make sure it is paint & stain compatible),
  • Paint & brushes, etc. for the materials,
  • Cutter or scissors,
  • Scale ruler,
  • Utility knife,
  • Saw,
  • Pin vises for making very small holes

As the guys at howtomakeadiorama say there are ways to do things without the proper tools it just makes doing them easier.  Read their original story here.

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