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Tri-ang Railway Original Packaging BoxesI’m a bit of a Tri-ang train fan and collect original vintage rolling stock, here are a few photos of my favourite items from my collection.

As I’ve said before, for me the joy of model railways and trains is not so much the operation but creating and building layouts. One exception to this is my Triang OO gauge collection.

Triang are what I started my journey in model railways with as a child and although I’m not a major collector I enjoy collecting old Tri-Ang rolling stock, cleaning them up and running them – never get in my way if we meet at a boot fair and I spot an old box of trains on a table 🙂

Below are photos of some of my collection, I have a lot more and am uploading pictures here as I get time.

Tri-Ang R243 Mineral Wagon

Tri-Ang R.243 Mineral Wagon


Tri-Ang 1255 Locomotive
Tri-Ang 1255 Locomotive

Tri-Ang R10 Green Open Goods Truck Running No. W1005

Tri-Ang R10 open goods wagon

W1005, made in 1960.


Triang R112 7 Plank Goods wagon Running No. M2313 

Photo of a Tri-Ang R112 7 Plank Goods wagon Running No. M2313 

R112 ‘action wagon’ with drop sides; M2313 made between 1956 to 1970.

Tri-Ang 43726 Flat Wagon

Tri-Ang 43726

Tri-Ang R153 0-6-0 Saddle Tank Loco in BR Black

Tri-Ang R153

This R153 is the later model, with the smaller BR logo, produced from 1959 onwards.


Tri-Ang R127 Break Down Crane

First appeared in 1962 and is one of my and many other collector’s favourite models. They can be found on eBay for around £20.

Tri-Ang R127 Crane


Tri-Ang R116 TR 3576 Gondola

One of my oldest items, the green Gondola first rolled off production lines in 1957 although a grey version was being made from 1955 onwards. They come up on eBay pretty frequently for about £3 to £4. This one has a load added from my childhood days.

Tri-Ang TR 3576 Gondola

Tri-Ang R16 NE Brake Van

Tri-ang R.16


R253 Dock Authority shunter

Triang 253 shunter

A recent acquisition, the delightful R253 Dock Authority shunter with working headlight. This is the older of the models, identified by the number 5 on the cab indicating production between 1957 and 1961 compared to the later No 3 model. Such a fun little loco.

Tri-Ang R353 Yard Switcher

Tri-ang R353 Yard Switcher

And the North American brother of the Dock Authority model in Yellow. I picked up this wonderful Yard Switcher in April 2023. This is the early version (made between 1960, indicated by the Tri-Ang Railways and TR shield as opposed to TR-20071). One of my favourites. What’s not to like about it?

If you collect Triang or Hornby Tri-Ang rolling stock I’d love to hear from you. Drop a comment below or get in touch via my contact page. I occasionally also sell items from my collection so if there’s a particular piece you’re looking feel free to reach out to me. Alternatively, Dave Angell’s site is always worth a look.

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  1. Hi Andy, My husband also has lots of Tri-ang and has built a layout in the garage which he plays with quite a lot and is always running it for our grandchildren when they visit. He decided to have a clear out during lockdown and has lots of old Tri-ang train tracks. ie Grey Original Track- 00 Gauge 1950’s and also Black 00 Gauge Track from late 1950’s. that is no use to him anymore as his track is all laid out and has no more room to make another. He would like to sell this to like minded enthusiasts, can you help and advise how he gos about this. Thank you

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