Layout ideas clipbook: roundly roundly / rabbit warren

Here’s an idea for a fun and delightful layout idea that will challenge during its build and give endless hours of entertainment when operating.

The rabbit warren layout, the first incarnation of which is believed to have been created by  C. J. Freezer many moons ago, is a small layout concept where the trains run around around a continuous layout popping in and out of tunnels, seemingly randomly. They’re covered a little bit in his book 60 Track Plans if you’re interested.

For a modern version, Alan Dronfield’s DCC N gauge layout is one of the better ones I’ve seen. 

model railway small layout clipbook

Thanks to Alan’s ingenious track plan and construction, trains enter tunnels at one point, crossing over themselves out of view, to emerge at different locations both on the horizontal and vertical planes to where they’d be expected. 

Rabbit warren inclines and spiral

The spiral inclines of the Alan’s rabbit warren layout.

A better idea of what’s going on with the track can be seen in these pictures.

Rabbit warren layout

Rabbit warren layout

Making this even more impressive is that Alan has crammed all this in to a space just 900mm x 600mm using N gauge Kato set track. It’s quite a feat of track planning and laying.

It took Alan 3 weeks working on it on and off in the weekends and the odd night time with his mother assisting on the scenery. Those rock faces are wonderful aren’t they and really add the overall effect and really make me want to have a go at building my own rabbit warren layout.

I need to stop watching this before I start thinking about redesigning my 009 layout to incorporate roundly roundly’s as Alan calls them.



  1. Hi, you mentioned “rabbit warren” which reminded me that I wanted to create an OO scale rabbit warren but couldn’t find decent OO scale rabbits! Any ideas?

    • Hi Allan, actually I do – I used some on a hill scene for a Cornish layout a while back. Have a look at this animal pack. It contains various forest animals including two rabbits. Would love to see your layout when you’ve done it. Best wishes, Andy

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