A money saving tip to improving your miniature painting

how to improve your mini figure paintingThis simple tip will help you to improve your Warhammer mini painting without spending a fortune or wasting miniatures.

Hands up who’s ruined a mini figure through painting errors or inexperience?

I certainly have and still do 😥

The problem is practice. Or rather figures to practice on and mess up with.

The more figures you paint and the more painting techniques you perfect, the better your minis will look and the less mistakes you’ll make.

But how to practice without spending a fortune on 40k Space Marines, Death Guards, Tryanids or Eternals, Flesh eater courts and Seraphons for Age of Sigmar?

As promised there’s a cheap alternative and it takes me back to how I started.

The answer is those cheap green plastic solders man of us had years ago.

They’re still available, still as cheap and make ideal figures on which to practice.

They may lack the detail of Warhammer figures but that doesn’t matter because they’re only going to be used for practicing paint techniques.

You can get packs of them with 10 to 100 soldiers for under a tenner. That’s a lot of practicing brush work!

All the same techniques, such as spraying on enamel primer, painting faces, can be tried, practiced and perfected before you get near an expensive Warhammer figure.

Get some today, they’re available in toy shops, supermarkets or online from the likes of Amazon,  practice a technique and come.back and say how you got on in a comment below.

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