If you had… Christmas 2020

flying scotsman railway setWhile on a recent train journey to Cornwall I came across a great idea for a bit of imaginative fun.

I’m a bit of a train nut, in case you hadn’t guessed, and travel by train whenever I can. On one recent journey I had a few hours to spare so took the opportunity to do some reading on another of my interests – photography. I’m always on the look out for tips for using my Nikon and ended up on this blog.

It’s a great site with loads of tips and guides and my photography has improved immensely because of it but what caught my eye this time was new post for some Christmas downtime fun for photographers.

Basically, it’s a chance to pick your fantasy photography kit. So let’s give it a go for our hobby.

If I was to give you £500, hypothetically speaking of course, what would you buy for your model railway? Just like the photography blog, nip over to Amazon’s model railways collection, pick something and then come back and share what you’d buy in a comment.

The choice is completely yours!

Hornby MallardIt could be anything model railway related. Maybe one of these train sets or a particular locomotive like the wonderful Mallard or perhaps some wagons.

It doesn’t even have to be trains. You can pick anything model railway themed: model making tools to people, figures and accessories to track

And you don’t even need to limit yourself to one item, pick as many as you want as long as you don’t exceed the hypothetical £500 mark.

Have fun.


PS: Just like digital photography school, remember this is purely hypothetical or your own money.

  1. Since i run a DC layout i would be able to fit in a bit more than those with a DCC one.
    i would buy the Flying Scotsman Loco to add to my collection. Adding to this would be a nice footbridge for my station terminus and a hornby John Dewar and sons deisel loco for shunting. In terms of scenery i would buy a pack of hornby sitting and town people. A hornby class 73 would not go amiss bringing the price up to £267.87 leaving me aneough for a few more passenger coaches and freight wagons!



  2. I’d want the two Bachmann London Transport locos in maroon because I have a rule 1 railway they’ll have no bother fitting in

    (rule 1: it’s my railway and I’ll run what I like)

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