How to re-fix stickers on old rolling stock

Tri-Ang R153On older rolling stock, the transfers can sometime work free. Here’s a quick tip to fixing them back.

If like me you collect old Triang rolling stock or other old trains you might occasionally have the problem where the logos and stickers from the come off.

It’s happened on a few of my non-Triang models and I wanted a way to fix them back without harming the model itself.

I have tried PVA but this didn’t seem to hold to the hard plastic of the shell.

Instead, I now use either Pritt Sticks (available in stationery shops) or Roket Card Glue – yes the same used for to glue paper card buildings.

Both are easy to work with, dry clear, hold well and can be removed easily if ever needed. Just apply whichever you use to the back of the sticker and gently position it on the model.

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