How to create a glowing Blue light effect

how to create a glowing effect for your miniatures without an airbrushCreate those cool glowing Blue light effects on your miniatures without an airbrush. 

This tip explains how to create a glowing blue effect for your miniatures without using an airbrush but the technique works just as well for other colours.

The tip comes from Midwinter Minis who I really need to add to my list of YouTube Miniature Modellers, his walk throughs are easy to understand and follow and produce some amazing effects.

Anway, on with his video.

Essentially, it boils down to painting the area and then dry brushing on layers of lighter colour in a cross pattern, highlighting the centre and then darkening the outer edges to extenuate the bright centre and add depth. The details and paints used are given below.

Base coat the area in your preferred colour

Define the area that the light will emanate from in a deep medium Blue, or deep alternative colour if wanted. For the Blue he suggest Vellejo 70.963 thinned with a drop of water.

Then dry brush a light blue in the centre. He suggests P3 Arcane Blue. Again, replace with a light colour of your preference for reds, greens, etc.

The dry brush is applied in cross shape at the centre of the globe as seen below and to the surround area where the light would fall. 

creating a glowing blue light effect

Then paint a glaze over the top. He suggests using the same light blue mixed with an equal amount of water.

Then, after it’s all dried, Game Workshop’s Etherium Blue is dry brushed as is and then 

In a penultimate step, Game Workshop Guilliman Blue is added to the outer rim of the globe to add depth.

Finally, mix white / light Blue in equal amounts and dry brush away from the centre. 

Glowing blue light effect without using an airbrush


The result is impressive non-airbrushed effect and will give a table top ready miniature with a bit of extra pop easily and quickly.

Thanks to Guy and Penny from Midwinter Minis for sharing the tip.


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