How long after priming can I paint miniatures

Before you get near to painting miniatures, it’s recommended that they be primed to provide a better base for subsequent paints to grip to.

And priming itself itself is straight forward, it’s really just a case a spraying the miniature in your chosen prime colour – usually black, white or grey.

But the question that most often comes up is how long after priming we have to weight before the real painting can be started.

The quick answer to this is approximately two hours. This is the average of the drying time for primers from Army Painter, Citadel and Tamiya but there is one gotcha that you need to be aware of.

And that is the humidity of the environment you’re working in.

Over the years I’ve leant found a humidity level of between 40% and 50% is best. Below or above these levels and you’ll end up with a poor finish and variable drying times as the moisture in the paint can’t evaporate, as I touched on here.

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