Hornby unveils huge range of models for TT:120

Hornby launches TT:120 rangeHornby has announced a massive new collection of models for the TT:120 scale.

The company, which has previously focused on producing products for the British OO gauge market, has launched an ambitious program to develop a whole new range in the TT:120 scale.

TT:120 scale models are made at a 1:120 scale and run on 12mm track, smaller than OO gauge trains but larger than N-gauge. The TT concept was originally introduced in 1945 and is widely used by European and American model producers with Hornby having a presence in the continental TT market through its Arnold TT range of products.

One of the benefits of this range is that it can accommodate an impressive model railway on a much smaller baseboard than is possible with OO gauge, making it ideal for indoor spaces such as bedrooms.

Hornby’s announcement follows the launch by Peco earlier this year of TT:1220 track and lineside structure kits. With Hornby planning to further expand its range with eight new locomotive toolings in different guises and over 70 new items of rolling stock, a track range, model buildings, and accessories, TT:120 scale and gauge are likely to become well-established in the UK.

Hornby Marketing and Product Development Director Simon Kohler told Toy World Magazine “We have been developing Hornby TT:120 for several years, and it represents a substantial investment, Hornby TT:120 provides many solutions for those who really want to create a model railway but have little or no space for the larger ‘00’ size. The hobby is enjoying fresh interest since the Covid lockdown days, and there really is no other creative pastime that can provide so much enjoyment, while learning about social history, logistics, physics, architecture, topography – the list just goes on.’

Hornby’s TT range is currently only available for direct sales via its website.

The Hornby TT range can be seen here.


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