Effortless Track Weathering

Here’s a wonderful tip for adding realism to your layout. And best of all, it requires minimum effort but produces fantastic results.

Adding weather effects takes effort and a lot of your precious time. Applying different layers of paint and waiting for them to dry can take hours and hours. The results are well worth it of course but wow does it eat up your time.

rusty-trackIf you don’t time starved you’ll love this ridiculously easy tip from Lester at modelrailaway.co.uk. It’s so obvious I’m surprised it’s not more popular.

Rusty Track

Leave some old steel track outside for a few weeks, when well rusty use on your layout for disused siding or cut into small pieces and drill  for fence posts.

That’s it but the result, judging by the picture, is wonderfully authentic rusting track.

The original article, picture and other handy tips can be read here.

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