Add more power: Manic Monday Quick Tips #1

Pressed for time..need to get a modelling fix? Here’s the first in a new series of quick to carry out tips to improve your layout.

Adding an extra set of wires power connections here and there around your layout can be done quickly, certainly in half an hour after work, but it’ll make a huge difference to the smooth running of your locos.

Many new modellers have just a few power connections, experienced modellers stick them everywhere. (I have them at every join) because it seriously improves the reliability of the layout.

If you use normal track connects, just add some track links and daisy chain them; if you’re at intermediate level pre-soldered rail joiners can be slipped in an hooked up to your existing wiring, or if you feel up to it solder your own wires to the rails.

Whichever your level, a few extra connections can be added quickly in an evening between cups of tea and will improve the reliability of your railway.

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