A rake for your static grass, Sunday Scribbles

This is a silly little tool-tip, but one I find myself using a lot since discovering it.

If you have static grass on your layout, you may find that over time it becomes flattened.

You could dig out your static grass applicator and run it over the area to recharge it but if it’s just a small area that’s a lot of effort.

Instead, I’ve found the perfect tool.

I found it completely by chance while out shopping with my wife.

We were in a candle shop (I know!!) and in a small display next to the tills were some tiny brushes. It took us a few minutes to figure out what they were.

They’re actually for cleaning combs (yes, really such things do exist apparently) but both I and my wife realised the ‘better’ use straight away.

It’s a perfectly formed miniature rake for model railways.

It’s ideal for ‘perking up’ flattened static grass and even clearing off excess grass and scatter when you’re laying it.

I find myself using it surprisingly often around the layout and it’s now found a home in my toolbox.

Search for comb cleaners on eBay. Your grass will thank you for it!

Now if I can just find a use for the scented candles 🙂


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