A not so little bit of Lego trains

lego trainRegular readers of this blog will know I focus on traditional model railways, Hornby etc. But occasionally I like to play with other forms of tiny train, Lego in particular.

They’re trains and railways after all and a whole lot of fun.

I’ve previously written about lessons railway modellers could learn from Lego trains and occasionally review them, as I did with the Lego 60051 Intercity Express.

But there’s another point.

Just watch this quick insanely big house and garden Lego railway.

There’s also this alternative view of it.

The take away is something model railway builders sometimes lose sight of along the way.

Trains are fun.

You can’t help but watch and not want to run the trains on it.

And that’s what we sometimes overlook. We get so wrapped up in building layouts we forget just running them. I certainly do.

So if you’ve been spending the evenings this winter making models, stop and run your trains for bit. That’s what all your efforts are leading up to after all!

It’s great to see them hurtling around, or shuffling if you have a shunting layout.

Of course, this also has the advantage that you’ll be testing your track and rolling stock and can fix any problems that have crept in.

So what are you waiting for. Go and run your trains. I am!

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