A masterclass in model storytelling

Marcel Ackle Just look. Look, stare and imagine.

Yep. It’s another model from Marcel Ackle, the just genius Swiss modeller.

I first wrote about Marcel’s work back in 2016 and since then I regularly drop by to see what this incredible modeller is up to and to pick over the photos and tips he kindly shares on his website. He’s an inspiration and his tips are incredibly inventive and innovative.

Just take a look at his suggestion for making leaves from cigarette paper for example. Why cigarette paper ask? Because, as he says, “cigarette paper is 9 times thinner than copier paper” so it makes much better-looking leaves. Brilliant!

It was on one once such visit recently that I stumbled across another of his railway diorama’s, pictured above.

What I love about this and Marcel’s work in general is not just the stunning quality of the modelling but his attention to the smallest details, the decay and mess and the stories they tell. The way the felt on the chicken shed roof has broken down, the rust on the fencing and how the concrete between the rails crumbles up just before the bridge for example. It’s a masterclass of model storytelling.

Marcel is also on Facebook, you can follow him here.

Photo copyright Marcel Ackle.














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