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A trip down memory lane

As mentioned in a previous post, I've recently rediscovered a few of my long lost childhood trains. [...]

It doesn’t always work. Not with a Nokia anyway….

It's been a disappointing Bank Holiday weekend. And not just because of the rain. [...]

Sounds effects without DCC

If you've ever longingly looked or listened to the wonderful sound effects possible with DCC trains and wanted something similar for your DC locomotives Train [...]

How one modeller joins track across boards

Joins track across boards
How to join track across baseboard sections is one of the most common questions I get asked here on Model Railway Engineer. Here's an interesting technique one [...]

Upgrading an old model train

If, like me, you have old Hornby or Graham Farish locomotives on your railway you may notice they lack a bit of oomph. Here's how I give mine a power-up. [...]

Repairing and servicing a model train

N gauge locos are tiny. And when they break all those small parts can seem a nightmare. But it's really not that hard once you know how. Here's how I recently [...]

The top 5 model train maintenance checks

Don't leave the trouble-free operation of your model railway to chance. Follow this top 5 definitive checklist of quick and easy preventative maintenance [...]

Will this kick-ass 3D pen revolutionise making model railways on a budget?

Looking for an easy way to make budget models for your railway? An ultra-ingenious and fun new tool promises to revolutionise your model making yet costs [...]

Review: British Steam BR Standard Locomotives

There are lots of books on steam trains that have promise for railway modellers but this one has real potential. [...]

How to add realism and life to your model railway – a tip from award winning layouts

If you ever look at your railway and think there's something missing, this is for you. [...]

How To Remove Glued Ballast From Model Train Track In Five Easy Steps

If you want to re-use track that has ballast glued in place you'll probably be wondering how to recover the track and remove the ballast. Here's how I solved [...]

Model Railway Tools: 17 Essential Items For Your Tool Box, updated for 2020

When it comes to tools for model railways, there are a thousands of tools to choose from. You don't need every tool on sale in B&Q but old hands in the [...]