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Layout Construction

Tips, techniques and guides to model railway construction, including baseboards, track planning, backscenes and track work.

Mini Project: The Potentially Perfect Layout

Track Plan - Guildford Sidings
This morning I came across a potentially perfect small track plan for a shunting layout. [...]

Model Railway Baseboard Construction | Avoid These 3 Painful Mistakes

There's nothing worse than building a model railway layout only to realise you've made a basic error. Avoid these 3 painful but easy mistakes when designing [...]

Hornby, Peco or Gaugemaster Track Pins… Which are best?

What's the difference between one track pin and another? You wouldn't think much, but there are important variations between the pins from Peco, Hornby [...]

Budget Techniques To Clean Your Track

model railway track
Looking for tools and techniques to keep your railway track clean on the cheap? ModelRailwayEngineer finds 3 popular budget solutions from model railway [...]

The Best Wood For A Model Railway Baseboard, updated for 2023

Model Railway Baseboard Wood
Thinking of building your first real model railway? Arguably one of the biggest jobs you'll face is making the baseboard for your layout. Once you've decided [...]

Going Underground – The Secret of Authentic Model Railway Track

Railway Track Bedding
This is a simple short tip but an often overlooked and important one if you want authentic model railway layouts. [...]