Hints & tips for model railway enthusiasts, miniature painters and model makers.


How to add point motors, magnetic decoupling units, animatronics, signalling and lighting to a model railway.

Scratch building steam trains

I'm a big fan of Tested.com so when they cover scratch building model steam trains I can't help but watch. [...]

Cheap, easy, lights for your layout

'Tis the season of goodwill and festive cheer, so let me brighten up your railway with this quick and cheap way of adding lights to your layout. [...]

How To Use Animated Action To Make Your Railway Come Alive

Looking for a way to bring your railway to life and add interest? Animated scenes are the answer. [...]

Adventures in DIY Point Motors or How To Make Your Own Point Motors

After a recent slight miscalculation with off-the-shelf point motors I started thinking about making my own point motors. How difficult could it be and would [...]

Adding Lights to Your Model Railway – The Low Cost Option

When adding lights to your railway you can either buy expensive off-the-shelf lights or use this low cost technique for building and street illumination. [...]