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Top 7 most common polymer clay mistakes to avoid

Working with polymer clay
Avoid these seven rookie mistakes to create stunning creations without frustration. [...]

Brunel: 4 Talents Shared By Modellers

Isambard Kingdom Brunel is a personal hero of mine, an inspiration behind many of my models and one of two patron saints of ModelRailwayEngineer. [...]

Christmas Tree Train Sets: The Best Train Sets To Go Under Your Tree 2023

Christmas tree train set
Looking to make your child's Christmas morning extra special? It can't get better than a train trundling its way around your Christmas tree or as a present to [...]

11 Gift Ideas For Model Train Enthusiasts

Worldwar Scenics Scatter
This article is for non-railway builders looking for the perfect gift idea for the model train enthusiasts in their lives. [...]

Air Drying Clay: 7 Tips To Help Make Better Models, Easier and Faster

Tips for working with air-drying clay
Want to use air-drying clay for model making and crafting but put off by your first experiences with it? This is for you. [...]

The Best of ModelRailwayEngineer Winter 17/18

model rallway bridge baseboards how to make
Another season has come and gone and it was a record season for my ModelRailwayEngineer with record numbers of model railway enthusiasts visiting the site, [...]

5 ways to instantly make your railway look better

Cheap and easy lights for model railways
Even with the best intentions, things don't always work out how we'd planned. [...]

The Best Train Themed Films and Tip Videos To Watch Over the 2020 Christmas Break

Classic Christmas TV: It's a Wonderful Life, Die Hard and Love Actually. They're my watch films during the holidays but if you have some more spare time [...]

18 Things Only A Model Railway Enthusiast Will Understand

things only a model railway enthusiast will understand
You know you're a model railway enthusiast when... [...]

10 Things That Make A Model Train Geek (Me!) Happy

It's been a long week and it's not over yet! I need to cheer myself up so here's a quick little post about what makes me happiest with my model railways. [...]

7 Books That Have Taught Me The Most

7 books that have taught me the most
One of the reasons I enjoy building model railways is the variety of different skills that can be learned and mastered. To develop this knowledge, I read [...]

7 Ways To Get Track Cheap in 2023

You don't need to buy brand new and expensive Peco and Hornby track for your model railway. Use these 7 techniques and save your money. [...]

5 Ways To Make Your Train Set More Interesting

Fed up with watching the trains in your railway set go around and around in an oval? Want a bit more variety? Here are five ways to add interest to railway [...]

How To Avoid 5 Easy & Common Track Laying Mistakes

Track Laying Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
In our eagerness to get trains running, we all often make mistakes when laying track but don't make these potentially expensive mistakes. [...]

5 Must Read Books For Model Railway Beginners for 2023

hornby book of model railways
If you're just starting out in model railways, save yourself a lot of time and effort and read one or all of these 5 tip-packed books. [...]

Model Railways: What do you need to get started

So you've decided to build your first model railway but don't know where to start or even what you need to get started? A quick search of the web will more [...]