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Sunday Scribbles: Madcapped idea for track cleaning

Track cleaning BristleBot
A daft idea that may make track cleaning easier. Has anyone tried it? [...]

Make your own mini-power sander: Sunday Scribbles

make your own mini-sander
Here's a cheap way to make a useful mini-sander, ideal for smoothing edges of plastic models that are too delicate or small for typical off-the-shelf sanders. [...]

Making Model Railway Trackcam Video

If you've seen some of the track cam videos over on YouTube and want to make your own but don't want to go to the expense of equipping your train with a [...]

Reader Layouts – Project Kingsley

Here's the first in a new series on Model Railway Engineer, reader layouts. where readers of the blog share their layouts, construction tips and how they [...]

I am the bringer of death

Here's a little secret. I'm terrible for starting new layouts before finishing the last one. In fact, I've got several in various stages of "uncompletion" [...]

DCC Trains: Why You’ll Be Thrilled, 5 Exciting Advantages

I've gone on record before as saying that I prefer analog / DC trains over digital but there are six reasons I get envious. [...]

It Always Happens

It all looks good until you decide otherwise. Experienced model railway modellers will know this story only too well. It's certainly true for my layouts. [...]

The Top 3 Advantages Of DC Model Trains

DC model trains have a lot of advantages over their digital counterparts. Read the top 3 advantages here. [...]

Roll the Wagons

Make your wagons and coaches look and run better with this quick and easy tip. [...]

How To Make A Cornwall Tin Mine [progress report on my model railway layout]

I'm now getting to one of the two main focal points and most demanding model making elements of Landreath, my Cornwall mine themed model railway. Here's [...]

The Top 7 Model Railway Websites, Must Visit Blogs for Inspiration and Advice

Looking for more tips and advice on model railways? Google will give you a million and one possible websites to browse, instead take a look at these websites [...]