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Would you hack your Tornado like this?

Bonkers or inspired? Would you do this? But like it or hate it, you have to admire the modelling. [...]

What Do You Think? Clever But Too Silly?

I keep watching these! These tiny railways are a feat of modelling and engineering but are they also just a bit too silly? What do you think? [...]

Lights, Camera, Trains, Lego, Action!

Watch in awe as trains load and unload coal on this huge, and frankly bonkers, computer controlled Lego railway. Is there anything it doesn't do? [...]

Is This The Most Expensive Model Railway Ever?

miniatur wunderland
Model railways aren't the most expensive hobby, unless of course you have one of these... [...]

A Warning | Model Railway Enthusiasts Disease

  Signs like this will never get old. I came across it on t'interweb and it's too good not to share with you.   [...]