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Making an animated outhouse

model railway animation, figure in an outhouse as door opens.
Time for a break. [...]

MRE still on track?

Word cloud graphic of what's covered on model railway
Every so often I review MRE and check it's still on track. [...]

The six must-have Dremel Bits & accessories for model train enthusiasts

Dremel model railway
Enhance your model train railway with these six essential Dremel accessories. [...]

Taking a new tool for a spin

Parkside desktop disc sander
When old and cherished hand tools meet the ease, speed and convenience of a modern power tool. [...]

The gimlet hand-tool, what is it and why you need one

Photo of a wooden handled gimlet
Another of my occasional posts on old-hand tools, this time the gimlet. What is it, why they're so useful and why I use them. [...]

Keeping your shed, cabin, garage warm in Winter

new log cabin
Model railway or workshop in a garage or shed? Live in the Northern Hemisphere? Here's what you need to do to protect your layout and trains in the cold winter [...]

Making miniature pumpkins

Miniature pumpkins
Possibly one of the cutest miniatures I've made. [...]

Covid brings about a new man-cave

Time for a new home... Again.... [...]

Modelling a smithy, exhibition layout

Photo of OO gauge blacksmiths
With the goods shed almost complete, I've moved onto to the smithy. [...]

Where do most people keep their model railway

Thinking about building a model railway and wondering where to put it? Here's where other modellers keep theirs. [...]

I didn’t mean to do that

spilt fluid
How working on the model river lead to flooding one of my points with masking fluid! [...]

Mission impossible: The impossible railway

I've seen some bonkers model railways over the years but nothing compares to this. [...]

A quick & proven method for making modelling putty / paste

making your own model paste
Just a quick and proven tip to making your own modelling putty when you need to fill a hole on a model or miniature and have run out of, or can't get, your [...]

The scratch awl and its uses

Scratch awl, what are they
For reasons I can't explain, I love old tools and one of my favourites in my tool box is the scratch awl. [...]

A moving waterwheel

My exhibition layout will feature a mill with turning waterwheel. This article explains the simple electrics behind this. [...]

How to create convincing corners with Plasticard

how to make plasticard corners
Plasticard, aka Styrene sheet, is a great material for making buildings but just gluing sheets together can leave you with ugly corners. This article looks at [...]

A present to myself

wooden tool box
I don't smoke. Or take drugs. And I only drink moderately. What I do have a weakness for is... [...]

It’s a Grand Design

grand designs kevin mccloud
I'm not going to spoil this by saying anything, if you're a fan of Channel 4's Grand Design, Kevin McCloud and models just watch. [...]

Brunel: 4 Talents Shared By Modellers

Isambard Kingdom Brunel is a personal hero of mine, an inspiration behind many of my models and one of two patron saints of ModelRailwayEngineer. [...]

Update: a move and new space for train tinkering

The loft of our new home
For a good reason posts have been lacking here recently but with a little luck that will change after Christmas. [...]