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Tutorials, tips and guides for working with model-making materials – including polymer clay, styrene sheet and plasticard, card, static grass, scatter and XPS and EPS foam.

Frequently asked questions about sanding, buffing and polishing polymer clay

Polymer figure on pile of different grit sandpapers.
Got questions about sanding, buffing, and polishing Fimo, Sculpey, and other types of polymer clay? This 1,300-word round-up of frequently asked questions [...]

How to polish, buff, sand and drill polymer clay

Sanding polymer clay
Wondering how to get your polymer clay pieces gleaming with a professional sheen? Whether you're crafting intricate jewellery or detailed figures, discover how [...]

How to lift polymer clay without stretching and distortion

How NOT to lift up polymer clay
Avoid distorting your polymer clay when lifting it from your work surface. These four steps will help lift it without stretching. [...]

Best air fryer for polymer clay

Photo of a desktop polymer clay oven - air fryer
Playing with polymer clay is a wonderfully creative and enjoyable activity, but there's one major hurdle that can dampen your creative spirit. [...]

Unlock your inner architect: making exquisite polymer clay model houses

Photo showing how walls of a model house and made from polymer clay
With creativity, patience, and a dash of imagination, polymer clay artist Beni Grob makes diminutive model railway dwellings. [...]

EPS Foam or XPS Foam – which is best for diorama making

EPS vs XPS foam
Trying to decide between XPS and EPS foam for your next diorama or scenery project? Read on to discover the key differences. [...]

Top 7 most common polymer clay mistakes to avoid

Working with polymer clay
Avoid these seven rookie mistakes to create stunning creations without frustration. [...]

Can you bake polymer clay in an air fryer

Is it possible to use an air fryer to bake polymer clay? [...]

Polymer Clay Perfection: How to Remove Fingerprints in Minutes

finger prints on polymer clay
If you work with polymer clay, you know the pain of creating a lovely little creation only to have it marred by fingerprints. Thankfully, removing these [...]

From Flat to Fantastic: Tips for better card kit models

model card kit construction
Master the art of card kit construction with these quick, easy, proven tips. [...]

Six shortcomings of using molds for polymer clay

Silicone molds are a popular tool for polymer clay enthusiasts looking to save time. But using them for your creations also has its drawbacks. [...]

Ten must know beginner tips for polymer clay

Hands holding polymer clay
Ten brilliant tips and tricks to get you started creating with polymer clay. [...]

How and why to correctly condition polymer clay

Unlock the secrets to working with polymer clay with these handy tips to perfect conditioning, [...]

Transform Your Clay Creations: The Advantages of Using Polymer Clay

Are you tired of using air-drying clay that cracks and crumbles? Have you been searching for a more versatile and durable option? Look no further than polymer [...]

Why polymer clay doesn’t harden when baked?

Polymer clay melting clock
Why your polymer clay creation is still soft and pliable after baking and what you can do to fix it. [...]

The best temperature and time to bake Fimo polymer clay

Oven thermometer showing best temperature for Fimo clay.
One of the most important things to know when baking Fimo is the perfect time and temperature to get the best results. [...]

What’s the best paint for expanded Polystyrene / Styrofoam

lots of expanded polysyrene foam
So you've created your landscape with expanded Polystyrene. Now to paint it. Don't ruin your would be lush landscape by using the wrong paint. Here's the best [...]

Air Drying Clay: 7 Tips To Help Make Better Models, Easier and Faster

Tips for working with air-drying clay
Want to use air-drying clay for model making but put off by your first experiences with it? This is for you. [...]

Holding foam board and plasticard in place when gluing

engineers block
When making buildings from either foam board, plasticard (styrene sheet) or card - such as Metcalfe kits - a common problem is how to hold the various pieces [...]

A quick cheap way to make brick and stone walls

make you own stone work
Create realistic stone and brickwork walls and ground with this simple technique from a  professional model maker. [...]