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Why do the LED lights on my layout flicker? – Reader Q&A

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If the lights on your layout flicker, follow this advice that I gave to Paul who contacted me over the weekend.  The answer was simple but of Read Now

If the lights on your layout flicker, try this solution that worked for fellow MRE reader Paul.

Reader Question – what to do with track offcuts

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Recently a reader raised a great question. What to do with track offcuts? Read Now

What to do with the track offcuts? Help a fellow modeller with your knowledge and suggestions.

Model Railway Beginners Q&A: How to connect more power leads to a model railway set

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If you’ve added more track to your model railway set you’ll reach a point where just one power-clip isn’t enough. But how do you get more power to your track and trains? Read Now

If you’ve extended your model train set sooner or later you’ll need more power for your track and trains. Here’s my latest Beginners Q&A on getting more power to your railway.