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How to join and solder wires for the most reliable connections

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soldering wire how toHow have I missed this?  Read Now

Wire soldering is a vital aspect of model railway engineering as poor joints won’t conduct electricity correctly (poorly running locos) and the wires will be prone to breaking. How’s here to join and solder wire correctly.

How to make your own scatter & why I’ll never buy scatter material again

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How to make your own scatterI’ll never buy scatter for my model railway again. Read Now

How to make your own scatter

I now make my own scatter and it’s so good I’ll never buy scatter again. Here’s how. [Intermediate]

How to work with Styrofoam and Polystyrene

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hills and cuttings

Styrofoam and Polystyrene are amongst my favourite landscape construction materials. Read Now

Fiddly but flexible, Styrofoam and Polystyrene are great material for landscaping. Here are a few tips to get the best from them.

Make your own foliage

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make your owln foliage
How a chance email revealed my new favourite way of making foliage and it’s almost free.
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make your owln foliage

[intermediate] How a chance email revealed my new favourite way of making bushes and foliage and it’s almost free.

Changing Track – How To Alter Already Laid Track

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rail alterationIt happens on every layout at one point or another. Read Now

[Intermediate] How to change and alter already laid track without destroying your rails. Suitable for OO and N gauge track work.

How to make bushes

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bush plantingShortly after publishing a recent article on making stone bridges I got a number of messages from modellers wanting to know more about the vegetation seen in the photo. Here’s how I make my bushes. Read Now

[Intermediate – Model Making] I get asked a lot how I make my bushes on my model railways. Here’s my short but fiddly technique.

How to make your own stone bridge. What do you think of mine?

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stone bridgeWant a stone bridge on your railway? You could go and buy a plastic kit… Or you follow these 7 steps and make you own. Read Now

[Advanced Modelling] After posting a photo of my layout featuring a bridge on Instagram I’ve had a lot of requests asking how I made the bridge. Here’s my technique. What do you think?

How to make your own trees, a new technique

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make your own treesI’ve covered making trees here before but I’m always on the look out for new techniques.

I recently came across this approach and have been impressed by initial results. Read Now

I’ve covered making trees before but I’m always on the look out for new, better, techniques and this alternative approach is producing great results.

Model Railway Beginners Q&A: How to connect more power leads to a model railway set

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If you’ve added more track to your model railway set you’ll reach a point where just one power-clip isn’t enough. But how do you get more power to your track and trains? Read Now

If you’ve extended your model train set sooner or later you’ll need more power for your track and trains. Here’s my latest Beginners Q&A on getting more power to your railway.

The best static grass applicator – plus 5 tips on how to apply static grass

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With a lot of static grass to lay down for my new model railway I went in search of the best static grass applicator for price, convenience and ease of use. Read Now

The definitive guide to static grass applicators for model railways from the UK’s biggest blog for model railway builders,